Second Cup Bangladesh

Second Cup Bangladesh is specialty coffee retailer focus on providing friendly service to each guest that walks into our café’s.

We are also committed to coffee integrity by certifying all of our Baristas who sell Fairly Traded Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees and teas each week. It’s just our way of showing that there is a little love in every cup.

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Second Cup has become a second home to hundreds of thousands of guests every day. And because we know our guests appreciate a great cup of coffee, we have created an environment that highlights this careful coffee selection process, pays homage to the global coffee community, and shares with them our wealth of coffee knowledge. Paired with baristas that celebrate craftsmanship and take pride in all that they do, there truly is a little love in every cup.

Product and Source

At Second Cup Bangladesh, we take pride in getting to know our guests, and recognize that no two are alike. That’s why we’re continuously striving to provide our guests with a variety of beverages to choose from.

Whether your drink of choice is a warm, handcrafted latte or an icy, blended treat, we’ll tailor it to perfection every time.

Our premium English Breakfast Tea perfectly steeped, chilled, and poured over ice, available sweetened or un-sweetened. The perfect balance of rich espresso combined with smooth, creamy steamed milk and velvety foam.

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Dhanmondi – Café 754/B, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Phone: +88 01714 070028